Swimwear – it’s a tricky situation sometimes. Is there anything worse than buying a new pair of bathers only to see them wearing out in a matter of weeks? Or they started a perfect fit, now they’ve stretched, and they’re too big. We hear you, that’s why we wanted to give you some tips and tricks on selecting swimwear that will provide you with more for your money in the long run. Here are some of our recommendations for picking out the right pair:

Make Sure Your New Swimwear Is Chlorine Resistant

This is the most important factor, especially if you are swimming in a public pool regularly, like kids or adults attending weekly swimming lessons. You’ll know if it’s UV and chlorine-resistant by checking the label.

If you want longevity, you need to check that it’s made for regular swimming in a pool.

Does Brand Matter?

Well, yes, it does. Depending on how often you swim, you want a reliable set of togs to get you through the year. We know if it has Batman or Frozen on the swimmers, the kids will want it. But will it last very long? There are some great bold designs and colours from companies like Funky Trunks for boys and Funkita for girls who have thought of all the things that will make your swimwear last.

The Fit

For adults who swim in the pool regularly, if you’re deciding between a smaller size or a larger size, opt for the smaller size.  Your swimwear will always stretch a little when in the water, and a smaller size will decrease some resistance when swimming, making for a more comfortable swim.

However, kids are a different story altogether. If they are uncomfortable, they’ll let you know all about it and the last thing we want is anyone uncomfortable in the water. It’s equally as important that children like the bathers they’re wearing. As we know, kids grow fast, so always allow room for growth.  The best thing about boys Funky Trunks is they have a drawstring which means you can make sure they don’t fall down even if they are a little too big. A good tip for drawstring is to pull the cords together rather than outwards, which can lead to tearing of the holes.

If your baby or toddler wears a swimming nappy in the pool, a great brand we recommend is Pro-AM. Suitable from 4 months up, it will fit a swimming nappy comfortably underneath and will grow with your baby. What’s more, our friends at Aqualink stock these, and if you’re a Just Swimming customer, you’ll also receive 10% off.

How Should I Care for My Swimwear?

Like any garment that you wish to keep for a long time, you need to follow some care instructions.

Here are a few tips:

  • When it’s time to jump out of the pool, take your swimmer for a quick rinse in clean water, or you can also use a little mild detergent after every swim. It’s never a good idea to leave them rolled up with your wet towel for long periods. For lakes, dams and the beach, it’s not as urgent to get them under clean water – but we still advise to do this as soon as you can.
  • There are also products on the market today that remove chlorine from your swimwear, like suit saver. This will ultimately keep your bather colours bright and extend their wear.
  • This may seem obvious to some, but it’s not recommended ever to put swimwear in the dryer and nor do they need ironing.
  • This one is tricky – swimwear material doesn’t like sunscreen; it can lead to staining. The best way to avoid sunscreen on your bathers is to put it on your face and body before you jump into your togs.
  • Have you ever sat on the edge of the pool that was a rough surface, and then popped up only to hear your bathers peel off the concrete? Then later spotting those annoying balls (pilling) on your bathers. That pilling is no good for your togs. So let’s keep it simple and grab a towel to sit on rather than the concrete or rough surfaces.
  • Lastly, once you’ve rinsed your swimwear or given them a gentle wash, dry them in the shade to avoid damaging rays. Now they’re ready for the next swim.


All swimwear should come with some care instructions, so if you follow these, you’ll find your swimwear should last you longer. Our staff consider themselves somewhat swimwear experts (because, you know, we wear them a lot!) so if you ever have a question, feel free to ask.


Happy swimming!