Baby Swimming Lessons

Our Babies Program is for little ones from 6 months of age through to 3 years and is conducted at our Just Swimming Nunawading Swim School. Our focus is to help babies and toddlers develop a love of swimming and a healthy awareness of water safety.

As parents and guardians, our number one goal is to keep our children safe. We recognise that ensuring your little person can get themselves back to safety if they fall into the water accidentally is the number one reason for learning to swim. Our baby swimming lessons are designed to teach this skill as well as many others. Commencing swimming lessons from a young age can have positive advantages. Not only is your family developing water safety awareness, you are also helping your babies and toddlers to develop their physical, social and emotional skills.

Babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age require a parent or guardian (over 16 years) in the water, and from 3 years upwards, children transition into independent classes. The independent beginner classes have our smallest teacher to student ratio to allow for maximum learning and safe supervision of your child.

By enrolling into our baby swimming program, you will help ensure your child swims safer around water sooner. It is also a fantastic way for parents/guardians to play, socialise and bond with your little one.

Sometimes knowing when to start baby swimming lessons can be a little daunting. To help you decide if now is the right time for your family to start swimming lessons, we are happy to offer you an obligation free trial lesson and assessment at no cost to you.

Whilst anyone can learn to swim at any age, starting formal baby swimming lessons from 6 months of age provides the best opportunities for your children to become a more competent and safer swimmer sooner. Not only that, children from a young age absolutely love the water and sleep very well after their lessons!

Our Starfish Program provides three certificate levels each with 10 – 12 key skills to achieve. Our Starfish babies and toddlers learn a range of skills throughout their lessons, including floating, sculling, blowing bubbles, safely submerging, kicking skills, paddling and water confidence.

Just Swimming has the ability to offer to parent or mothers’ groups their own class, provided children are in the same age and ability range . Contact our Swim School Coordinators, Sam and Robyn to discuss group booking availability. Looking for baby swimming lessons in Melbourne? Contact our Nunawading Swim School today.

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    Key skills your child will develop:

    Starfish Bronze

    • Introduction to water familiarisation and building water confidence
    • Developing floating and paddling skills for water safety
    • Learning how to blow bubbles and maintain breath control

    Starfish Silver

    • Building independence and confidence in the water including safe entries and exits
    • Learning kicking skills and forward movement
    • Floating on both front and back and getting back to safety

    Starfish Gold

    • Independently kicking on both front and back
    • Learning how to move forward without assistance with their face in the water
    • Independently floating on front and back, rolling over in water and swimming to safety

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      Infants as young as 6 months are welcome at our swimming lessons. They say the younger the better, as it’s easier for them to learn water confidence. Check out our programme for baby swimming lessons – as part of our community service, we offer free swimming lessons to babies aged 4 to 6 months because we believe water safety is essential from an early age.

      Join us today for a lifetime of confidence and safety in the water.

      Absolutely! Our swim school facilities are designed to be family-friendly and provide a safe and welcoming environment for both children and parents alike. We provide a range of amenities to ensure that both parents and caregivers are comfortable, including spacious change rooms, private family bathrooms, and designated viewing areas where you can sit back and watch your little ones during their lessons.

      Absolutely! We understand the importance of ensuring the water temperature is just right for swimming. Our advanced pool technology maintains a safe and comfortable temperature that is ideal for all ages. From babies to adults, we’ve got you covered! So get ready to make a splash and enjoy swimming in our perfectly heated pools.

      Parents should remember to bring swimwear for their babies, including swim nappies to prevent any accidents in the water. A towel and some warm clothes for after the swimming lesson should also be added to ensure the baby stays comfortable. Moreover, it is important for parents to stay hydrated during this activity without ignoring their babies’ hydration. Therefore, bringing a bottle of water for both, the parent and the baby, is highly recommended. Always check with your swim coach for specific requirements.

      Regular nappies are not suitable for swimming because they can absorb large amounts of water, which makes them significantly heavier and bulkier, increasing the risk of accidents. Swim nappies are specifically designed to keep the baby’s skin dry, eliminate bulky padding, and provide a comfortable and secure fit around the thighs to prevent leakage. At all times, we require babies to wear approved swim nappies before entering our pools to maintain clean and hygienic standards.