Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons

Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons

Swimming is becoming an increasingly popular pastime for people of all ages across Australia. However, learning how to swim properly and safely requires expert guidance. While group classes at the local pool are a common starting point, private one-to-one swimming lessons offer significant advantages that make them well worth the investment.

Private swimming lessons provide a more personalised approach to swimming instruction. Rather than sharing a swimming teacher’s attention with a handful of other students of varying abilities, private swim lessons allow the teacher to focus exclusively on a single student and tailor the curriculum to their specific needs and pace of learning. This leads to faster progression of skills, more effective correction of mistakes, and lessons that are appropriately challenging without being overwhelming.

Over the course of the following article, we will explore the multitude of benefits to enrolling children and adults in private swimming lessons. From building confidence in the water, to flexible scheduling, to developing proper stroke techniques, one-to-one instruction from a qualified swimming teacher offers advantages that group settings simply cannot match. 

More Personalised Attention 

The major benefit of private swimming lessons is the level of personalised attention each student receives. With group classes, teachers must divide their time and attention among half a dozen or more students of varying ages and abilities within a single session. This can make it incredibly difficult to focus on individual needs. Students often slip through the cracks, not receiving feedback, getting stuck on a skill, or developing habits that then take more effort to correct later on.

In a one-to-one private swimming lesson, the teacher can devote their entire focus to a single student for the full session. They are able to closely observe and provide constant hands-on guidance as the student practises each drill or swimming technique. Rather than generic feedback across the pool, students enjoy direct, specific corrections and tips tailored to their precise needs.

The quieter learning environment also greatly benefits children with additional needs or disabilities to progress at their own pace, with a focus on water safety and self resume skills. 

Faster Progression

This personalised attention enables students to progress through skills much more rapidly. Lessons can be structured around their personal pace of learning rather than being limited by a set curriculum. By mastering the fundamentals properly early on, students gain both confidence and competence faster under the watchful eye of their swimming teacher. In a short period of time, even beginning swimmers notice marked improvements in their comfort level and abilities in the water.

The exclusive focus private lessons provide is important for students struggling with a particular skill, injury recovery, or phobia of water. one-to-one attention helps efficiently diagnose the issue and employ specialised training aids where relevant. 

Improves Safety and Confidence

Learning to swim properly requires feeling safe and secure in an aquatic environment. For many people, fear and anxiety are major barriers to water competency. Similarly, overconfidence and lack of supervision can also lead to dangerous situations. Private swimming lessons are advantageous for both minimising risk and instilling appropriate confidence.

With one-to-one instruction, students receive constant supervision and guidance on proper safety protocols. Teachers can intervene immediately at the first sign of struggle or distressed swimming. They also provide tips tailored specifically to each student’s needs and goals regarding underwater orientation, treading water, and how to handle situations such as leg cramps. This helps ensure safe progressions into deeper water or more advanced techniques.

The exclusive attention also allows students to feel more comfortable clarifying instructions, asking questions, or asking for a drill to be modelled again. They can honestly vocalise anxieties or uncertainties about a skill without feeling embarrassed or judged. In turn, astute teachers are able to employ targeted confidence-building and motivational techniques based on each student’s personal psyche and relationship with the water.

Flexible Scheduling

Another major advantage of private swimming lessons is the flexibility they provide in scheduling. Group swimming classes offered at most pools follow a fixed weekly schedule with little room for changes. If students miss a class due to illness or other commitments, they simply miss out on that day’s content with limited options for make-up lessons.

With one-to-one private instruction, students can select days and times to fit their personal schedule. With the added benefit of keeping the same teacher and timeslot if a student progresses past a swimming level, your booking stays the same as opposed to group classes. 

The individualised structure also makes rescheduling or make-up lessons easier. Teachers can easily offer additional slots to cover missed sessions and ensure continuity in skill building. For students with busy or unpredictable time commitments, the flexibility over group classes is extremely advantageous.

During holiday period, lessons can be paused and resumed again months later as needed. This precludes having to completely restart skill progressions from scratch. 

Overall the adaptability of scheduling, pacing, and supplemental practice are vastly superior in private swimming classes. Students with dynamic schedules or extended travel can continue perfecting skills with minimal interruptions.

Develops Strong Swimming Fundamentals

Learning proper swimming technique and body positioning from the early stages is vital for building a solid foundation. Without expert guidance, many self-taught swimmers develop inefficient habits that limit speed and endurance. They also risk injury over time by overusing certain muscle groups.

Private swimming lessons excel at instilling solid fundamentals across all the major swim strokes right from the start. one-to-one attention allows teachers to thoroughly demonstrate ideal technique, identify and correct subtle errors, and enforce proper form as students.

For example, private lessons would emphasise key points like streamlined head positioning, optimal leg kick patterns, efficient arm entry and pull-through, and rhythmic breathing early on. Students get personal feedback to minimise overly splashy strokes or other beginner flaws before they become ingrained habits. 

The fundamentals extend beyond strokes alone. Private lessons also focus heavily on floating, gliding, rotary breathing, specific stroke techniques, dives, and self-rescue skills – establishing strong general water competency.

Injury Recovery

In cases of injury recovery, the tailored approach of private swimming lessons becomes even more critical. Teachers can work closely with the learner (and, if applicable, their healthcare provider) to understand the nature of the injury and adapt the swimming lessons accordingly. This might involve modifying swim strokes to avoid strain on a recovering area or incorporating specific exercises that aid in rehabilitation. 

The ability to adjust the lesson plan based on the learner’s physical condition and recovery progress is a key advantage of private swimming classes, promoting a safer and more effective return to swimming.

The Value of Private Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim can be a life-changing pursuit, but requires proper guidance, attention and confidence building in order to succeed. As we have explored, private swimming lessons offer immense advantages over attempting to learn in crowded group classes. Students reap the benefits of individualised attention, faster progression, scheduling flexibility, safety and tailored lesson plans.

The personalised feedback, custom drills and focus on stellar technique that private lessons provide are truly invaluable for correct skill development. 

Beyond building fundamentals, one-to-one instruction also ignites passion for swimming as a sustainable hobby yielding health, social and mental benefits. Group classes simply cannot rival that level of focused engagement catered to individual needs.

For children and adults alike hoping to conquer the water safely, private swim lessons are a worthy investment. Speak to teachers local to your area to evaluate options for one-to-one instruction tailored to your specific needs and aspirations.

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    Commonly know as Private Swimming Lessons, Just Swimming offer One to One swimming lessons catering to children through to adults, with varied abilities at our Just Swimming Wesley, Tintern and Burwood swim schools. Our one to one swimming lessons will cater to the specific learning needs of each individual and are conducted with a ratio of one student to one teacher and run for 30 minutes per lesson.

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    If you would like to increase your swimming skills, are struggling with a particular stroke or skill, looking for a class that has minimal distractions, One to One lessons could be perfect for you.

    Our One to One lessons can be booked for a one-off lesson to focus on a specific skill, or as a term booking during the school term.

    One to One swimming lessons are also available through our BIG SPLASH HOLIDAY PROGRAM at Just Swimming Nunawading as a weekly intensive and is a great way to fast track skill development.

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