How Parents Benefit from the Baby Starfish Program

Are you a new parent looking to reintegrate into an active lifestyle while spending quality time with your baby? Look no further than the Baby Starfish Swimming Lessons offered by Just Swimming. This engaging (and free) 6-week program, located at our Nunawading pool, is tailored to help parents transition into the world of water activities with their little ones.

So let’s look at the benefits the free Baby Starfish introduction to water program offers not only infants, but also parents and guardians.

Returning to Activity

The Baby Starfish Swim Lessons enables you as a parent to engage in a meaningful activity that benefits both you and your baby. It’s a win-win scenario where you can focus on your baby’s development, while caring for your own wellbeing at the same time.

Becoming a new parent often means adjusting to a different routine and lifestyle. The Baby Starfish Swimming Lessons offer an excellent opportunity to ease back into physical activity in a supportive and enjoyable environment. Designed specifically for parents with infants, this program encourages gradual re-engagement in physical exercise while nurturing your bond with your baby. Whilst it won’t give you a workout as such, it’s a good way to get moving in water, and could be the first step to getting yourself back to swimming laps!

Comprehensive Learning

At the heart of our Baby Starfish Swimming program is a focus on teaching parents the essential skills required to navigate the water safely with their baby. Over the course of six weeks, you will learn how to confidently enter and exit the water with your baby, ensuring both you and your child feel comfortable and secure. You’ll also learn holding techniques that provide optimal support and stability for your baby in the water. Overall, you should come away with the tools to create a secure and enjoyable experience for your little one whenever you take them into water.

Bonding Experience and Water Familiarisation

These free swimming lessons for babies provide a nurturing space for you to connect with your infant through gentle movements and shared experiences. Engaging in water activities together fosters trust, communication, and a sense of security that can strengthen a parent-child relationship. Moreover, these classes enhance your baby’s water familiarisation, helping them grow comfortable and confident in aquatic environments.

Motor Skill Development and Love for Water

Participating in the Baby Starfish Swim Lessons can lead to various developmental benefits for your baby. The program taps into your baby’s inborn natural reflexes to further develop both gross and fine motor skills. And the buoyancy water offers means your infant can move in a way that’s not possible on the carpet at home. Additionally, these lessons may help contribute to your child developing a lifelong love for water.

Water Safety Awareness

Safety is paramount when it comes to water activities, especially with infants. The Baby Starfish Swimming Lessons not only equips parents with the practical skills needed in the water but also imparts crucial water safety awareness that parents can share with the entire family. Learning how to navigate potential risks and developing a heightened sense of water safety is an invaluable takeaway from this program for parents.

Now that we’ve covered some of the physical benefits for you and your child, let’s look at some of the practical reasons that make the Baby Starfish program so handy for new parents.

Introduction to Just Swimming Programs

The initial lessons provided by the Baby Starfish program are an ideal way for parents and guardians to get a feel for Just Swimming’s general approach to swim teaching, and help you and your infant become comfortable with our facilities and instructors.

The program serves as an excellent precursor to our baby swim lessons and toddler swim lessons, and as your child develops, they can continue through a range of age and skill-appropriate courses.

Moreover, you can attend swimming lessons too! Just Swimming offers adult swim lessons that give adults the opportunity to learn and enhance their swimming skills. (See our Programs page for information on all lessons available.)

Year-Round Availability

The Baby Starfish Swimming Lessons operate year-round, with new programs commencing every six weeks during school terms. This means you can conveniently join the Starfish Swim School program at a time that suits your schedule. The program is designed for babies between 4 and 6 months of age, so if you’re not ready to start at 4 months, there should be a program available a month or two later if it suits better.

Parent or Mothers’ Groups Special Offer

Occasionally, a group of new parents ask to do the Baby Starfish course together. We’re happy to accommodate this! Just complete an enquiry and we’ll get back to you.

Comfortable Environment and Excellent Facilities

The Baby Starfish Swimming Lessons take place at our Nunawading location, which is conveniently located within Forest Hill’s Aqualink. This high-standard facility boasts an 8-lane, 50m swimming pool, and a smaller leisure pool ideal for babies and young beginners. The temperature in the leisure pool is generally set at 32.5 degrees, so it’s warm!

Easy Access and Parking

We understand that easy access to parking is often key to a hassle-free experience for parents. If you don’t find a park in the ample off-street car parking available, we can offer additional options. Just speak with our staff at the reception desk. We also have easy pram access into our facilities, so you can load up your pram with everything you need.


The Baby Starfish Swimming Lessons at the Just Swimming swim school in Nunawading provide a remarkable opportunity for new parents to return to activity, strengthen their bond with their baby, and instil essential water safety awareness. This 6-week program offers a holistic approach, combining practical skills, bonding moments, and physical activity in a warm and inviting pool environment. Embrace this chance to embark on a journey of shared discovery and growth with your little one.

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