How Just Swimming is keeping our people COVID Safe.


Knowing you are safely entering our facilities is no doubt important to you, and it is certainly important to us. Keeping our people safe is our priority and not just water safety, but also COVID safe.

We’ve implemented a range of actions and safety precautions to ensure we’re playing our part in stopping the spread.

Class Sizes

We have temporarily reduced all of our class sizes to assist with social distancing, and we are also offering limited one to one (one teacher to one student) classes for families who would like to keep their children distanced from other children and to really fast track learning.


Entry and Exit

We will provide clear entry and exit points for everyone to make sure you safely move in and out of our facilities with little cross over to other patrons.


Cleaning Practices

We have never seen so many cleaning supplies! Our team is equipped with safe cleaning supplies including hand sanitizer, surface cleaners, wipes, paper towels, disinfectant disposable gloves, masks and much more. Our staff will be cleaning seats between classes and all equipment will only be used by one person once, and then cleaned. Our staff have also been trained in all cleaning processes. In addition, our friends at Aqualink Nunawading will also be cleaning all surfaces, and making sure everyone is following the rules.

Workplace Bubbles

Our program will be divided into two workplace bubbles. One bubble will operate Sunday through to Tuesday with a big deep clean to take place every Wednesday. The second bubble will operate Thursday through to Saturday. This is to help keep everyone safe and to help stop the spread in the case where a COVID-19 case may be suspected.


Seating Arrangements

The entire grandstand at Aqualink Nunawading has been set up with a separated seating system. There are yellow dots which help everyone to stay physically distanced at all times. All other seating has also been set up to ensure people are staying distance at all times.


Social Practices

  • We have hand sanitiser available at a range of locations
  • We’re expecting everyone to wash their hands regularly
  • Please wear face masks at all times
  • Always practice social distancing
  • Stay home if you are unwell
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

As much as we would love to embrace everyone with open arms upon arrival, we also want to see that everyone stays safe, so, for this reason, we ask that everyone enters, swims, exits and refrains from social interactions with other groups or families.


Customer to Staff Interactions

We strongly encourage customers to make cashless transactions. We have customer service screens to maintain social distancing and whilst our team leaders are always available on pool deck. We will be encouraging our customers to book a phone call with a team leader for any discussions relating to student progress and assessment outcomes.


Government Restrictions

Lastly, we are very well connected to both government and industry guidelines. We continually monitor and update our Risk Management plans, ensure staff have access to participate in appropriate COVID Safety Training and are regularly engaging with both Whitehorse Council and other stakeholders to ensure we provide the safest possible environment for our people.