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Our 14 Swim School Levels provide pathways for children to develop skills and allow for continual development and progressive learning. With more than 60 swimming teachers, over 500 classes and open 7 days a week, we can help you choose the right teacher and time for children and adult swimming lessons. Just Swimming offers classes for those of all swimming levels. From basic swimming lessons to advanced swimming lessons, there is something to suit everyone.

Baby Starfish

We’re proud to offer a free community service at Just Swimming Nunawading with our Baby Starfish 6-week program. We provide nurturing, appropriately qualified teachers who will guide and assist you and your child through the first stages of your child’s swimming experience. The Baby Starfish program has been designed to educate you, the parent or guardian, in skills needed to be confident and comfortable in the water with your baby, while encouraging a love and respect of the water. These baby swimming lessons in Melbourne are free, meaning you and your baby can become comfortable around water at no cost to you!

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Our Baby and Parent classes include three Starfish Levels – Starfish Bronze, Silver and Gold. The purpose of these classes is to teach our little ones to feel safe and relaxed in the water, to learn breath control and floating skills and to become independent in the water. Babies are encouraged to enrol into these class from 6 months of age.


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Preschool Age

We offer an ideal learning environment for beginner children under 5 years of age, to learn to swim. Our warm and friendly teachers are experienced in working with your children and their little, or big personalities. Lesson availability for pre-schoolers and kindergarten children also includes after school and weekends.


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Primary Age

Our Primary Age classes are ideal for students from 5 – 12 years of age who are at the beginner, intermediate or advanced stages of developing swimming skills. Just Swimming places a strong emphasis on teaching efficient stroke technique and developing a good foundation of water safety skills in our swimming classes for kids. Our staff will conduct a free swimming assessment before securing your child into a group to ensure they commence their learning in the right group with the right teacher.

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Older Beginners

Offered for beginner students from 9 to 15 years of age who are starting their learn to swim journey. We help students feel more comfortable as they are grouped with students of a similar age.  Once the basics have been learned, we transition students into our mainstream Learn to Swim Program, to continue working through each level.


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One to One

Often referred to as Private Lessons, we offer One to One lessons for children from 5 years old through to adults. Our Private Swimming Lessons will cater to the specific learning needs of each individual and are conducted with one student to one teacher ratio. Our highly experienced swimming teachers are AUSTSWIM, and CPR qualified and most importantly, engaging and fun. If you would like to intensify your swimming skills or just struggling with a particular stoke, our 30-minute One to One swimming lessons could be perfect for you.

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For the eager students who like to swim fast, our four non-competitive Squad programs provides an hour of jam-packed swimming. Students in these groups swim to a pre-determined squad style session plan and build stamina, endurance and refinement of stroke technique.


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Just Swimming offers Adult lessons with three levels available – beginner, intermediate and advanced. It’s never too late to learn to swim, and we have many adults in our beginner program. If you’re a little nervous about getting started, come down for a free trial lesson to meet our Just Swimming Teachers and see what it is like to learn to swim.

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Key skills your child will develop:

Baby Starfish

  • Building a bond with your baby and helping develop your babies water confidence
  • Enhancing your baby’s in born natural reflexes to further develop gross and fine motor skills
  • Develop a love of water and for parents, learn the importance of swimming and water safety and how to keep your baby safer in and around the water.

Starfish Bronze

  • Introduction to water familiarisation and building water confidence
  • Developing floating and paddling skills for water safety
  • Learning how to blow bubbles and maintain breath control

Starfish Silver

  • Building independence and confidence in the water including safe entries and exits
  • Learning kicking skills and forward movement
  • Floating on both front and back and getting back to safety

Starfish Gold

  • Independently kicking on both front and back
  • Learning how to move forward without assistance with their face in the water
  • Independently floating on front and back, rolling over in water and swimming to safety

Turtle Bronze

  • Learning how to float on font and back and being able to stand from a floating position
  • Developing kicking skills on both front and back
  • Forward movement through the water with eyes in, blowing bubbles

Turtle Silver

  • Confidently swimming a torpedo for 5 metres
  • Learning kicking on your back for 5 metres with arms by the side
  • Comfortably floating, submerging, learning to scull in the water and developing water safety skills

Turtle Gold

  • Introduction to freestyle and backstroke arms
  • Improving kicking technique on both front and back
  • Developing treading water, sculling and rescue skills

Penguin Bronze

  • Further developing freestyle and backstroke skills for 7 metres
  • Learning freestyle breathing
  • Building confidence swimming in deep water including treading water and floating

Penguin Silver

  • Combining freestyle arms with breathing over and a strong kick for 10 metres
  • Further developing backstroke skills, with continuous arms and a strong kick for 10 metres
  • Introduction to diving skills, developing water safety knowledge and learning dolphin kick

Penguin Gold

  • Introduction to survival backstroke and further strengthening sculling skills.
  • Developing freestyle and backstroke technique over 12 metres with correct breathing
  • Completing a survival swim, learning somersaults and being confident in deep water

Seal Bronze

  • Confidently swimming freestyle, backstroke and survival backstroke skills for 15 metres
  • Introduction to the breaststroke arm action
  • Survival swimming, developing rescue skills, treading water and sculling

Seal Silver

  • Refining freestyle and backstroke technique over 20 metres
  • Learning breaststroke timing and technique
  • Introduction to butterfly

Seal Gold

  • Developing freestyle and backstroke stamina
  • Further refinement of breaststroke and butterfly skills
  • Strengthen water safety skills in alignment to the Victorian Water Safety Certificate

Dynamites Mini Squad

Swimming as a squad, Dynamites Mini Squad is level children should be aiming for. Dynamites Mini Squad is a fun recreational squad where children are challenged to refine their technique and build stamina across all four competitive squads whilst also learning vital water safety skills such as sidestroke, rescue techniques and self-preservation in the water. Children swim with a very experienced swimming teacher and swim to a pre-planned set each week.

Teen Fitness Squad

Teen Fitness Squad is for children from 12 – 14 years who have achieve the certificate items for Dynamites Mini Squad and want to maintain a healthy active lifestyle in a fun and friendly team environment. Teens swim with a very experienced swimming teacher and swim to a pre-planned set each week.

Adult Bronze

Adult Bronze allows for people who are new to swimming to develop their skills at a steady but non-threatening pace. Movement through the water and buoyancy are explored, progressing through to the development of kicking and arm action.

Adult Silver

Adult Silver enhances the skills which were learnt in Adult Bronze classes and further develops freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Work towards continual movement and feel of the water to become a more efficient swimmer.

Adult Gold

Adult Gold provides stroke correction and development for people who have continuous movement through the water. The focus of this group is to improve stroke efficiency and endurance allowing swimmers to continue their swimming for fun or fitness.

Adult Squad

Adult Squad is a fitness squad for competent adult swimmers wanting to swim for fitness and build stamina and technique. Adult Squad is available at Just Swimming Tintern and is taken by a Nunawading Swimming Club Squad.


We understand that starting lessons as a teen can be a little scary and overwhelming.  Our teens classes are for beginner teenagers and allow for students to swim in a small group with the same age group.  Once some basic swimming skills are developed, our teens can then transition into our standard levels to complete their swimming journey.

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