It might sound like a very small and simple skill but bubbles are an essential part of swimming. Being able to correctly exhale into the water not only allows for improved technique across all strokes, but it also helps to keep swimmers feeling calm and relaxed in the water, allowing them to maintain technique over a longer distance.

Torpy believes there are many ways a swimmer can improve the way they inhale and exhale air. Here are Torpy’s tips for better bubbles.


Would you tense your mouth, jaw, and neck while you rode a bike or climbed a hill? It would be quite uncomfortable and it is the same for swimming. By relaxing your facial muscles, you allow for more natural breathing. Those that tense these muscles are more likely to hold their breath while their face is in the water, forcing them to exhale as they are attempting to breathe in. This unnatural breathing pattern can be exhausting! So relax, have fun and enjoy your time in the water.


Breathing should feel natural. Often swimmers make the mistake of blowing out all their air at once, leading to a gasp in of air when it comes time to breathe in. Bubbles should be blown out slowly, taking at least twice as long as your inhale. These bubbles may escape from your mouth and/or your nose, whichever feels most comfortable. Inhalation is an innate reflex, so it is quick but shouldn’t feel forced.

Next time you visit the pool, try out Torpy’s tips for better bubbles. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly Just Swimming Staff.